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Keeping Cool During the Summer Months

This entry was posted in June 2, 2016

No we aren’t posting about how to keep up with fashion, although if you didn’t know it by now, socks and sandals are a definite no go! But we are going to give you 6 tips and advice to help you stay cool during the summer months.

Now we all know that not everyone can afford the best air conditioning or gadgets to keep us cool in the summer months, but there are other affordable ways that can easily keep you cool during a hot summer’s day or night.


  • A nice cool refreshing beverage or a tasty frozen treat like an ice lolly or ice cream can help cool you down.
  • Light coloured clothing will reflect the heat rather than wearing a dark colour that will absorb it and leave you feeling hot and muggy.
  • During the night you may find that you get too hot or sweaty. Why not get yourself a thinner blanket so you can be cool and cosy at the same time. We also know that wonderful feeling of turning your pillow over to the cooler side and it’s like heaven! Well, we think we may have cracked it at Ableworld with the Cool Pad Pillow. It has medical grade cotton pads filled with a gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with your body. The pillow is also great for headaches, sunburn, hot flushes and even hot feet, although depending on who’s used it, we wouldn’t recommend smelling the pillow after contact with sweaty feet!  
  • If there is sunlight beaming into your house from a particular area, shut the blind or curtain and pick colours that are light to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.
  • How about a nice cooling pad? You can get ones that you can freeze or heat so that you can use them for the winter months too. You can get pads with moulds for your face to relieve your head and sinuses, or you can get ones made to fit your neck and shoulders and even for your back. Why not take a look at our range on the Ableworld website 
  • Still feeling too hot? Take a nice cool shower to cool down your core temperature and get rid of the nasty sweat, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to relax

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